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Uninsured Services


Services not covered by OHIP include

Medical Services 

  • Routine eye examinations 
  • Examinations for employers, insurance, agencies, etc. 
  • Pre-adoptive examinations 
  • Travel medicine advice and services outside Canada 
  • Telephone advice 
  • Cosmetic procedures and related exams and tests 
  • Liquid Nitrogen procedures  

Completion of forms and medical records 

  • Medical/legal reports Federal Government forms 
  • Certificates for purpose of travel, immigration, employment etc. 
  • Driver's License/aviation medical/ and other licensing forms or certificates 
  • Insurance Plans such as: Disability certificate Treatment plan Insurance medical examination reports Completion of work and school related forms such as: Sick or back-to-work notes 
  • Admission to day care/schools/ recreation 
  • Employer requested reports/forms  

Administrative Services 

  • Copy medical records 
  • Transfer or summary of medical records 
  • Missed appointment without sufficient notice